Top 5 Disneyland Rides to FastPass

If you are visiting either Disneyland or Disney World, get familiar with the FastPass system. In Disneyland, you can’t get your FastPasses until you enter the park for the day, but you can still plan ahead! These are my top 5 I would always recommend in Disneyland.

1. Space Mountain

This one is a go to for me since it is my favorite ride, but it also is a great choice for a FastPass. Lines can be 90 mins plus on the weekend or in the summer, but if you grab this FastPass in the morning, you can snag a great time and be ready for your next FastPass in no time! Our favorite is to grab our Space Mountain FastPasses, stand in line for Star Tours while we finish our coffee, and by the time we are off our FastPasses are ready and we are right there!

2. Indiana Jones

This ride always has a pretty lengthy line and it has a tendency to break down fairly often, so FastPass is absolutely the best way to ride Indy. If a ride breaks down while you are during your FastPass time period, they will automatically update your FastPass to be eligible for many other rides in the park for the rest of the day. And of course this line is usually fairly long, so it’s an easy choice for me to recommend for you!

3. Big Thunder Mountain

This line is not always super long, so this may seem like a weird choice, but this is another ride that you can usually get “last minute” FastPasses for, so think like, in the next 30 mins to an hour. Since you can only get one FastPass every 2 hours OR when your current one is up, if you can swing a last minute FastPass, it increases the amount of FastPasses you can get in a day! Even if this line is only 30 mins, the FastPass may be for that exact same time period, but instead of waiting in line you could be getting on something else or grabbing your lunch or anything else! Pay attention to those times, always!

4. Splash Mountain (in the summer)

This has a caveat – Splash Mountain in the summer is always worth your FastPass! Lines can be looooong but of course this classic will cool you down and the FastPass line for this attraction is pretty great. In the winter, if you’re a wild person and you still like to ride Splash (no thank you!) the lines are much shorter without people like myself in them, and you can pretty easily stand-by this line while waiting for a longer FastPass to pass. 🙂

5. Matterhorn

This is a fairly recent FastPass addition! Last summer they added the ability to FastPass the Matterhorn, and it can be a life saver! The Matterhorn line, in addition to being long, is one of the most boring and hot queues in the park. There is not much shade, and while lots of Disney lines wind through amazingly themed areas that really add to the story of the attraction, the Matterhorn line… does not. It simply wraps around the ride. You’re really not missing anything by FastPassing this one!

So what is your top Fast Pass must do? Did you use this list on a trip to the parks? Let me know what you think!

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