The importance of baristas

The way we compensate society for labor is upside down.

I currently exist in the reality that many middle class 30 something’s generally complain about; I have a good paying but boring, corporate job that I dislike. I am extremely lucky to afford my rent, needs, and many desires for me and my dog comfortably. It is a seemingly simple concept not afforded to everyone. The thing is, my job that affords me these things doesn’t really contribute much to society as a whole. My work is far, far less important than a stay at home mom, or a teacher, or a therapist. I’d argue it’s less important than baristas or servers, who are responsible for running our favorite community hubs, less important than artists who bring us joy, less important than delivery drivers and dog trainers and flight attendants.

I carry a deep sense of unease knowing that this is how our society is organized, let alone that its the role I’m currently playing. I think every day about what I should contribute instead, and someday I’ll get there, and this is why.

I don’t write this to be hard on myself, I can proudly say I’ve made the right decisions for me in the moment, and this is where they’ve led me. I don’t muse on this to insult any of you who are proud of your jobs, only to consider how we may be taking the wrong things too seriously, to imagine what it would be if we hadn’t gotten the advice from our parents to make a good living. Only to reflect on how I wish we could provide adequate incomes for those in roles that are so necessary. To properly compensate those around us who make our days better and our communities stronger.

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