Top 5 Instagram Locations in Disneyland

I’m a true “do it for the gram” type of person, so of course I’m going to share my top 5 Instagram locations in Disneyland today!

1. The *side* of the Castle

Now of course you need a castle pic when you head into Disneyland, but why wait in the long lines and end up with 100 other people in your photo? If you head to either side of the castle, there are little walk ways leading you around the castle that are absolutely gorgeous, and almost always much less busy than the castle’s front. Plus, you get to explore the beautiful landscaping, take in the ducks that are always sunbathing in the castle moat, and see more of the castles detailing. It’s a win-win-win!

2. The Main Street Windows

Main Street is truly a pastel paradise. When you walk down Main Stret, you may be completely taken by the beauty of the castle at the end, but next time take a second to take in all the color and detail of the windows and awnings around you. I’d recommend stopping for pics here first thing in the morning, because Main Street can really get busy, so it’s easiest as early as possible.

3. The Blue Wall!

If you don’t know, now you know. Disney fans have a *thing* for walls. While Disney World reigns supreme in terms of beautiful walls to take photos with, Disneyland is quickly catching on, and one of the originals is the Blue Wall. With its own Instagram presence (@bluewallpics) it is the perfect spot to show off your Disney Style. This wall is in the back corner of Hollywoodland in DCA, against a large stage building.

(bonus: Disney just added the adorable “Buzz Wing Wall” (also with an Instagram account, @buzzwingwall) it’s right next to the Blue Wall, so go check it out!)

4. Pixar Pier

Another classic! This is *the* California Adventure photo spot, truly. Recently updated Pixar Pier is even more colorful and beautiful than it used to be, with the addition of more red and blue on the Incredicoaster. Don’t be afraid to play with your angles for this one! Pictures taken from very close to the water look very different than photos taken from up top on the bridge. Another tip is to take pics at different time of day! My fave is when it is just barely getting dark and the lights start coming on across the pier. Beautiful!

5. The Main Street Train Station

The Main Street Train Station offers views from both sides perfect for photos! The front side of the train station has the classic Mickey Mouse flower garden welcoming you to the parks, but the back side (looking from Main Street) has that quintessential Americana type of architecture, and the flowers surrounding the flag pole are always colorful and impeccable.

I could list a million other places I love to take photos, but these are ones I don’t think anyone should miss in a trip to the parks! Do you have an all time favorite spot in the parks that is perfect for photos to remember your trip or share your style that I don’t have listed here? Where is it?! I love learning more about the secret corners of the parks!

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