Welcome to Kaitlin at the Castle

I am Kaitlin and I am a San Diego based Disney girl with a love for local beer, exploring Southern California, and I’m always counting down to my next trip.

I am always on my way to Disneyland, and also have trips planned to Palm Springs, Disney World, and hopefully Paris! This blog is fully dedicated to all my adventures, my passion for Disney style, and my endless search for pink flowers and pretty walls. Is there something you want my opinion on, or think I should write about? Click my “Contact” page up top, and let me know!

I was struck recently by a short Instagram conversation I had with someone I haven’t met before, who was inspired by my love for all things Disney and how in her circles it seems immature or odd to love Disney as an adult with no kids. I’m big on the phrase “let people enjoy things” and so my message is truly that if you love something like Disney or comics or video games or make-up tutorials or anything else as an adult, love them all the way! The things you love make you special! I’m always so inspired by the Disney community, and the creativity and love shared in this magical space. The stories and environments that Disney creates has really more deeply affected my life in my adult years, and I find so much joy, optimism, understanding, and inspiration in the Disney universe. I hope I can help share a little magic and love from my own corner of the castle, and can help you have your best day ever in the parks too. ❤

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