Gamora Style 3 Ways

Hey guys! With Avengers: Endgame dropping TOMORROW I thought I would collect a few of my all time favorite looks based around my love of Gamora! It is no secret I love wearing graphic tees to proclaim my Disney love, and so I wear this tank whenever anything Avenger’s related comes up.

1. Dress it Up

When we visited a Marvel Bar Trivia here in San Diego, I knew Gamora was coming with. But, I didn’t just want to wear the tank to I added a kimono, statement fringe earrings, and a Kate Spade bag. This is probably one of my best daily Disney outfits ever.

2. Accessorize

Coordinating neck scarf, hip pouch, and Alex and Ani bracelets? CHECK. This was how I rocked Gamora for San Diego Comic Con and I was able to rep my girl while being way more comfortable than I am when I Disneybound.

3. Layer it Up!

If all else fails, a white and black flannel, some earrings, and some high-waisted jeans all help any graphic tee find a home in any outfit. When I’m not posing and the flannel is covering a bit more of the tee, the shirt is less noticeable and more everyday.

4. Use Bread

OK so this isn’t Gamora but it is Guardians of the Galaxy and WHO doesn’t love an accessory you can EAT?! ;p

So which of my 4 Guardians of the Galaxy looks are your favorite?? Make sure you leave a comment or comment on my IG posts to let me know!

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